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Binge Eating Disorder

If you struggle with symptoms of binge eating disorder, or an undefined eating disorder (OSFED/EDNOS), then know that recovery is possible. Counselling can be a wonderful tool for those who are dealing with excessive and secretive binge eating episodes, and I am here to help. I provide a safe space to explore your triggers, your history around food, the impact that your impulses are having on your daily life, and the steps needed to interrupt these behaviours.

Counselling around BED has a primary focus around managing the strong compulsive thoughts and emotions that can feel very pervasive and easily triggered. I would work with you on identifying these triggers and exploring your pattern around food, to then begin the journey of interrupting the pattern and employing healthier coping mechanisms.

Counselling with me is always client-lead; we would work at the pace that you are comfortable with, and while it is a part of the therapeutic process to experience discomfort, this would be held and contained in a way that felt manageable and beneficial to the process.

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Therapy session
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