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Life Coaching


Life coaching is a major piece of my client-based work. The primary different between counselling and life coaching is that with coaching you are able to have a more solution-focused discussion that includes possible solutions and workarounds, with a strong emphasis on goal setting and achievement. I have been doing life coaching for a few years longer than my counselling work, and have created many worksheets, techniques and approaches from doing so. I have worked with people from all walks of life focusing on a myriad of subjects, goals and issues; career development, personal development with a focus on self-esteem and confidence, money manifesting, relationship formation and building, and general life direction for those who have felt lost at sea.


As you may or may not know, life coaching is a largely unregulated field of work. I feel very strongly that those who present themselves as/work as life coaches should have a strong background in client support and therapeutic skills, as it is inevitable that there will be times during our work that we hit a sore spot or find an issue that is emotionally triggering. I feel passionately about guiding and advising people, but also absolutely believe that my counselling background is what makes me ideal for this career path. Emotional stability and the ability to self-regulate and soothe is the cornerstone of sound mental health and wellness, which is why we must take this so seriously and ensure that you feel safe and grounded before we begin delving into the deeper issues. 

How I work

When you first reach out, we will arrange a free 20 minute consultation where you can ask me any questions and feel into whether or not we are a good fit. We will then find a regular weekly slot that works for us both. Session are online and are 50 minutes in length and cost £50. I offer a tailored support style to each client; I have worksheets for those who prefer practical tools, and have emotionally-guided therapeutic techniques for those who prefer to internally reflect throughout the week. The sessions will be lead by you and what you choose to bring. At the beginning of our work we will highlight your goals and aspirations, and check in to see how we are progressing every 6 sessions or so. There is no commitment with these sessions- you can work with me for as long as you like and for as long as you find it beneficial. Some clients I see for 6 weeks, others for over a year- it's entirely up to you. If you would like to book the initial 20 minute free session then please contact me using the box below. I currently have limited availability but will be as flexible as I can! 

What you receive from working with me;


❈ weekly one to one sessions with a trained professional; no need to worry about ability, experience, or credentials
❈ full access to all of my resources
❈ additional tailored resources unique for your situation, that can be used as a reflection tool during our sessions
no obligation to work for a specific duration
❈ space to completely focus on the issue in hand
❈ therapeutic intervention should we find an underlying problem that is a barrier to your success
someone to hold you accountable for your goals, journey and success

What I require of you;

❈ for you to come with an open and ready mind
❈ for you to be ready to embrace change- or to be prepared to explore your barriers to change 
❈ a willingness to be challenged on your behaviours, attitude, and thought processes 
a willingness to try new techniques and ideas at least once

❈ accountability for your own actions, progress, and goal achievement

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